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Break the Barriers - Mahisasura mardhini - A different perspective

In vedic traditions, all divinities are based on some existing natural force (that’s why the multiplicity) and the idea is to invoke those forces in us through bhakti, learn from these forces, to help facilitate evolve. That’s how the bhakti tradition is very rational. (like the karma and jnAna approaches).

Mahisasura mardhini stotra is all about overcoming or defeating or destroying our barriers, barriers that stop us from evolving. Appearance of durgA is the conversion of potential to kinetic or breaking of the potential barriers that exists in the way of this conversion.  Uma means quite, potential. dur-gA is impassable, kinetic (we can never have absolute zero).

In matter domain, Shiva is the property of Energy. It manifests as Uma, the potential energy and durgA, the kinetic energy. Breaking the potential barriers and conversion of potential to kinetic is the appearance of durgA that drives away powerful (mahiSa) yet non-evolving (asura) matter forms.

In biological domain, Shiva is the consciousness. Uma are our thought potentials and durgA is the kinetic actions. Breaking the thought barriers and executing actions is the appearance of durgA that drives away powerful (mahiSa) yet non-evolving (asura) characteristics.

The video details stories of women who broke potential barriers, in whom the durgA appeared. One may agree or disagree with their views or policies. But they broke the potential barriers and lead new ways is the important thing here.

This does not mean I equate these women to durgA. None can equate to mother durgA.

durgA is the ‘mother’ template of breaking of potential barriers in every domain all over the Universe. We are the ‘children’, who are inspired from this mother, who learn from this mother and break the barriers in our little domains. Children can grow up, imitate their mother, but for the children, Mother (durgA) is always special, always inspiring and always making us learn and always far above us. That’s our tradition.