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A look back at our understanding till now..


As I travel through the Vedas and Upanishads, here is a look-back or  gist of my understanding, as it stands now. This is a summary of my understanding spread over many blog posts and few of my books.

It's a challenge always to have a starting point in describing Vedas and Upanishad, like starting in a limitless expanded space. I am starting at some point arbitrarily.

Devas - Adityas, Rudras and Vasus

Let's start this from the 'devas', which are more easily understood. Devas make our Universe.

There are 33 devas, of which there are 12 Adityas which are primitive (pre-molecular) matter forms and processes born out of creative energies, 11 Rudras which are 11 force-fields of Universe, then there are 8 vasus, which are eight states of atom/molecules based matter forms. 

The 12 adityas, the pre-molecular matter forms and processes are divided into 8 pre-molecular matter forms and 4 processes. The eight pre-molecular matter forms are

1. Urukrama or Vishnu, the mass component in three generations of particles due to higgs interaction
2. Zatru, the Valence quarks of Hadrons
3. Mitra, the sea quark pairs off QCD vacuum due to quantum fluctuations
4. varuNa, the QCD vacuum (non vanishing quark and gluon condensates of this vacuum)
5. vidhAta, the Charged hadrons
6. dhAta, the Neutral hadrons
7. bhaga, Neutral atoms with electrons to share with other atoms
8. Savitr, the atomic nucleus with multiple protons and neutrons

The four Adityas, the processes that drive the evolution of these pre-molecular forms of matter are

1. Creation of Quarks (Tvasta)
2. Creation of Chiral Condensate (Pusan)
3. Creation of Hadrons (Aryama)
4. Nucleo-synthesis (Vivasvan)

The 11 rudras or the eleven force-fields are

1. Unified Electro-weak-strong force-field that manifests in the early Universe
2. Electro-weak force-field
3. Strong force field
4. Higgs field
5. The field in which Cold Dark Matter manifests
6. Weak force field
7. Electromagnetic field
8. The field in which different types of Quarks manifest
9. The field in which different types of electrons manifest
10. The field in which Neutrinos manifest
11. The dark energy scalar field (In the quintessence model)

The eight vasus or eight states of molecular forms of matter are the five states of matter 
1. Prthvi (Solid)
2. Agni (Plasma)
3. Vayu (gas, ensembled of neutral matter)
4. Apa (liquid)
5. Prabhasa/Space (BEC)
6. PratyuSa (Quark matter)
7. Soma (Color glass condensate)
8. Dhruva (degenerate matter).

In other words, force-fields, primitive matter forms and evolved matter forms make all the Universe.

Adityas, daityas and maruts

Aditi is the energy that 'creates' or 'evolves' the Universe. Primarily it is the energy of the electromagnetic field that builds matter forms in the Universe. Adityas are pre-molecular matter forms and processes that evolve on the electromagnetic energy. 

Diti is the energy that 'decays' the particles. It is the energy of the weak force-field. daityas are the massive weak bosons that decay electrically charged and neutral particles into other particle forms. The fight between Vishnu (mass due to higgs interaction) and daityas (massive weak bosons) evolves the three generations of particles.

Maruts are the 'quanta' of the force-fields/rudras. They are the 'children' of Rudra (force-fields) and prSNi (quantized).  They are the particle manifestation of force-fields. There are 63 maruts of which are there 49 Pustis/fermions and 14 tuSitas/bosons.

The 14 tuSitas/bosons are
1. Higgs Boson - Quanta of Higgs field
2. Eight Gluons - Quanta of Strong field
3. Positive charged Weak Boson - Quanta of Weak field
4. Negative Charged Weak Boson - Quanta of Weak field
5. Neutral Weak Boson - Quanta of Weak field
6. Photon - Quanta of Electromagnetic field
7. Quanta of the Dark Energy scalar field that provides 'energy' to other force-fields

The 49 puStis/fermions are
1. 3 colors of Top, Bottom, Strange, Charm, Up, Down quarks totaling 18 quarks
2. 3 colors of antiQuarks of above totaling 18 antiQuarks
3. Electron, Muon, Tau, Electron-neutrino, Muon-neutrino and Tau-neutrino (6 leptons)
4. Positron, anti-muon, anti-tau, positron-neutrino, anti-muon neutrino and anti-tau neutrino (6 anti-leptons)
5. Particles that make up the Dark matter

Shiva and Narayana

Then there is energy (Shiva) and processing of that energy (Narayana). Shiva, the energy, in the form of dark energy expands the Universe,  is called maha-deva as that expansion started the Universe evolution.

nara-ayana is the processing of energy that resides in all matter forms which facilitates the matter evolution.  Nara are charged particles (and hence mortal).  Nara-ayana is that resides or that arises from these charged particles. Energy processing in matter forms happens primarily through charged particles.  nArAyaNa is the 'Purusa' or observer for evolution of perceptible matter forms into more complex forms.

Vishnu - The mass of 'matter' forms due to higgs

If Narayana is processing of energy in matter forms, then Vishnu is the mass in the matter forms.  The 'mass' in the matter forms (vasus), the Higgs field interaction is 'Vishnu', one of the Adityas, as it is a pre-atomic energy present in all matter forms. Hence mass due to Higgs field of matter forms is called vasu-deva or the deva of the 'vasus'.

All matter forms in this Universe are Lakshmi, the wealth of this Universe. Higgs field provides the basis for quarks and electrons to bind and evolve, as it impedes them in their motion. There are two types of Lakshmi, the wealth of this Universe, which are the perceptible matter forms. One is called 'Sri' which is electromagnetically interacting or radiating. Other is called 'bhu' which is neutral and not electromagnetically interacting (but interacting through other fields like weak force and hence perceptible) and serves as a platform for evolution of other charged/interacting matter forms.

Uma/Pravati/Durga- The energy locked in the matter forms

The energy that manifests in the matter forms (vasus) is called in various names. It is the 'vAsavi'. It is primarily, the energy in the Electromagnetic field between protons and electrons  (potential energy) or radiation (kinetic energy). 

This potential energy is Parvati when it knots electrons and atoms. This potential energy is Uma when it allows atoms/molecules to 'dock' with each other and evolve etc etc.. This kinetic energy is durga when it radiates and cannot be crossed over by anything in this universe (speed of light).

Asvins - The electromagnetic field produced by matter forms

Asvins are the electromagnetic field. There are two types of Asvins or electromagnetic field. The 'dasra', the electromagnetic field mediated by virtual photons. The 'nasatya', the electromagnetic field mediated by real photons.  

The potential or kinetic energy in them is the durga or Parvati or Uma with various names. Both asvins are twin-headed as they are a combination of electric and magnetic field.

Agni, Yama, Kala, Apa, Soma, vAja, vAyu

Agni is the energy that flows between matter forms. Yama is the property of electric charge that allows matter forms to interact with electromagnetic field and makes them 'mortal' (die-out). kAla is the 'weak charge' that decays particles. Soma is the strong interaction. Apa is the electromagnetic interaction. Madhu is the weak interaction. vAja is the electromagnetic discharge between matter forms or thunderbolt. Vayu are the 'ensembles' of matter forms which could be large molecular clouds or dust or storm or wind that forms out of these interactions

Sura, Surya, Asura

'diva' are higher luminary forms or stars like our sun. Hence 'diva' is used to denote day, dawn or other higher planetary forms. 'deva' are energy and matter forms that constitute the Universe which dawned. If soma is strong interaction, Suras are those that are distilled out of Soma. Suras are the quarks that are 'distilled' out of strong interaction. Surya is the process of nucleosynthesis. Hence our Sun is called "surya' as it emits light in the process of nucleosynthesis. 

Asuras are non-quarks, which are leptons like electrons, positrons and neutrinos or massive weak bosons. The leptons are the 'danavas' and massive weak bosons are the daityas.

Hiranyagarbha or Brahma

Hiranyagarbha or Brahma is the four-dimensional spacetime, the fabric which has the 'vacuum energy' of the Universe. The vacuum energy of the Universe is different from dark energy/shiva that expands the Universe. This Brahma bends to Shiva (energy) and Vishnu (mass) of the universe and this submission also facilitates the evolution of the Universe. This is the spacetime warping.

Rsi - Symmetry breaking events

Rsi are symmetry breaking events in the Universe. These could be spontaneous symmetry breaking events or explicit symmetry breaking events. All the devas are born out of the Rsis or symmetry breaking events in Universe. 

Rk, Yaju, sAma veda

The entropy or information content of the Universe keeps increasing as Universe evolves with more and more matter forms. This increasing information content facilitated by spacetime warping is the knowledge creation by Brahma. This Universe is 'knowledge' or information. All matter forms are the Veda. Rg Veda is the knowledge or information about primitive verses (quantum level). Yaju veda is the knowledge or information about classical universe that evolves (classical level). sAma veda is the knowledge or information content about biological life. Atharvana veda is knowledge of man made objects.

Yajna and Brahman

The evolution of Universe is a sacrifice, a Yajna, in which lower matter forms sacrifice themselves to build higher matter forms. This is called 'ati-sRsti' or extreme creation or evolution. This evolution or expansion is called 'Brahman' (different from Brahma). 

A design pattern in evolution of Universe

The Universal evolution happens in five stages. But all these five stages have a common design pattern. The design pattern is there is an observer that does not interact, but just observes, there is a 'form' that keeps evolving just due to the observation of the observer totally independent of the observer. The evolution of the 'observed' results in changes in the entropy/information content (sattva), energy (rajas) and size/shape/mass/volume (tamas) characteristics of the observed.

The observer is the PuruSa. The observed that evolves is the Pra-krti. The characteristics of prakrti like entropy, energy and form that changes are the 'gunas'. 

Hence there are pancha yajnas/sacrifice and pancha-purushas. The observer/puruSa of energy is dark energy. The observer of matter is dark matter. The observer of chemical reactions are the catalysts that propel the reactions without getting involved. The observer of biological evolution are the enzymes that propel biological evolutions. The observer of our thoughts is our 'manas-sAkshi' or manas that remains an independent observer of our actions. These five observer propel the five yajnas or sacrifices of the Universe.


What drives these evolution of Universe cannot be know or only partially known. What we know partially, we term it as 'Atman', the extreme (At) form of manas (man) which is present as 'manas' in all matter forms, biological beings and in the consciousness of beings. This manas or At-manas is virtual, something that is inferred to exist, but cannot be caught or measured by anything and hence is termed only partially known.

The four stages of evolution or brahman

The Universe is said to be evolving or 'expressed' in four stages. The first stage is the 'unknown' part or beyond everything in the Universe. This is the 'parA' or 'Atman'. The second stage is the undifferentiated state of energy or energy bundle that comes out or manifests. The third stage is where Universal matter forms manifest subtly as in quantum domain. The fourth stage is where Universal matter forms manifest grossly as in classical domain. 

This is equivalent to a person with mind, with consciousness, sleeping, dreaming and waking up. The waking up is like the explicit/gross state of expression, the classical domain. The sleeping state is like the subtle state of expression the quantum domain. The deep-sleep, undifferentiated state is the undifferentiated energy bundle that manifests. Beyond these three states is the 'manas' of the person with consciousness. 

As the 'manas' of the person cannot be taken out of deep-sleep, dreaming or waking up states, the 'Atman' manifests in all parts of Universe, in everything in the Universe. That's where the concept of Aham brahma asmi comes in.

The above is the crux or essence of Vedic literature, as we swam till now. I could have missed some of the learnings. 


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