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Directions - From Brhadharanyaka Upanishad


Rudra are the quantum force-fields. prANa are the energy in these force-fields. This energy moves in vacuum of spacetime, without a medium in the force-fields. When the force-fields and energy in force-fields dominated the Universe, the Universe is said to be in the Quantum state.

cakSu is 'reception' of energy in these force-fields, where transmission of energy happens without a medium. Hence cakSu is translated as 'Sight' as seeing happens by reception of energy transmitted without a medium.

When force-fields interact with each other, such 'interaction' of energy between different force-fields leads to reception of energy between the force-fields mutually.  This reception is the 'observation'. This observation leads to 'Satyata' or 'permanence' in the 'pratigrahah'/capturability as discussed here (1).

Thus the quantum wavefunction is said to collapse and the deterministic particle nature becomes permanent (Satya) on observation. This is the foundation of the 'Classical' Universe. The Classical Universe is filled with particles of matter.  

Quantum Universe and Classical Universe

The early Universe with energy and force-fields is the Quantum Universe. This is before determinism or particle nature permanently manifested. This is the Universe of Rudras and prANa (1).

The Universe in which particle nature has acquired permanence is the Classical Universe. This is the Universe of deterministic matter particles.

The Classical Universe evolves from Quantum Universe because of cakSu and Zrotram. cakSu/Observation/Sight brings the Satyata as explained(1).   Zrotram is the 'Hearing' that happens when energy flows in a medium of particles. 

CakSu, the observation of energy flowing in vacuum and zrotram, the hearing of energy flowing in medium of particles are the two causes of Classical manifestation of Universe.

Difference between Quantum and Classical Universe

The classical Universe is different from Quantum Universe in

  1. Deterministic nature
    1. This is Satyata which is the permanence of the pratigrahah/capturability nature of energy that leads to deterministic particle manifestation
  2. Directions
    1. In Quantum state, there are no directions. But in classical Universe there are directions. This is the diSa.
  3. Endless expansion
    1. Universe's spacetime expands always. When classical matter dominates the Universe, it expands more.  This is the 'anantata' of diSa  or endlessness nature of directions.

Zrotram - When energy flows in a medium

Energy not only propagates in vacuum of spacetime, but also through particles of matter in the Classical Universe. The particles of matter become the medium for transmission of energy.

zrotram is 'reception' of energy  transmitted through a medium of particles. Hence it is translated as 'hearing', as hearing happens by reception of energy transmitted through a medium.

When matter particles of a medium absorb/receive energy flowing through them, it is zrotram.  The medium of particles has elasticity and inertia and hence they physically move receiving the energy flowing through them. For eg., in case of hearing, the ear drum vibrates on the reception of energy through a medium.

Brhadharanyaka Upanishad Sloka 4.1.5

nantam iti enad upāsīta; 
kānantatā yājñavalkya? 
diśa eva samrāḍiti hovāca, 
tasmādvai samrāḍapi yāṃ kāṃ ca diśaṃ gacchati naivāsyā antaṃ gacchati
anantā hi diśoḥ; 
diśo vai samrāṭ śrotram


Yajnavalkya says 'zrotram is invoked as 'endless'. 'What is endless' asks Janaka. 'Endless are the directions' says Yajnavalkya. "Therefore whatever goes in any direction, the end is not reached. the directions are endless. The directions are the zrotraM'.

Directions originate because of zrotram. Directions are endless. Whatever moves in any direction, end is never reached as it is expanding endlessly. So zrotram invokes the endlessness.

How can zrotram, hearing, which is reception of energy through medium of particles cause directions and endlessness of directions..?

Universe has no direction/diSa

The Universe spacetime is mostly vacuum. But there is energy in the vacuum. There are force-fields in the vacuum. There are particle and anti-particle pairs popping out of the vacuum and annihilating themselves back into vacuum.

Universe also has no 'sense' of direction. It is expanding at the same rate in all directions.  

Assuming there is no matter in the Universe, then the Universe looks the same in all directions. It means, the vast Universe has no differentiating 'directions' without the presence of matter. It is same everywhere.

But then there is matter in the Universe. The clumped up matter is spread all around and this clumped up matter gives some difference in the way Universe looks. How did this clumping up of matter occur..?

It occured by 'zrotram' or Hearing.

Zrotram brings in direction/diSa or anisotropies

Science says the current structure of Universe is explained by Baryonic Acoustic oscillations(2) or Cosmic sound. Vedas and Upanishads say it is caused by OmkAra or praNava.

The early Universe in the Photon epoch was an Universe of hot, dense, plasma of baryons, electrons and photons.

This hot, dense plasma with dark matter and matter bends the spacetime it occupies and produces gravitational warping that compresses matter. But the energy of the photons, travels/radiates towards  outside on these matter.

This is like pebble dropping in a pond. An oscillating wave of photons pushes the baryonic matter to the edges. Actually it is like multiple pebbles dropping in a pond. Multiple oscillations carried by photons push the matter differently in different directions.

These oscillations are acoustic waves or sound waves as they are energy traveling through a medium of particles. These oscillations are called the Baryon acoustic oscillations. They are the praNava.

These waves of photons traveling in multiple directions (as in multiple pebbles being dropped in a pond) are 'heard' by matter particles as a result of which they aggregate differently and create 'anisotropies'. Basically they aggregate differently in different directions. It is because the matter particles 'hear' the baryonic acoustic oscillations, matter gets aggregated differently in different directions.

Thus zrotram, the hearing of the baryonic acoustic oscillations or praNava, brings in the anisotropies of matter and the concept of 'direction' or 'diSa' to the Universe.

In short, baryonic acoustic oscillations aggregating matter causes anisotropies (directional properties) says Standard Model. Zrotram causes the diSa says Brhadharanyaka Upanishad. 

Zrotram invokes 'anantata'

At the same time, the Universe spacetime also expands due to dark energy. Hence these anisotropies (directional properties) also get inflated along with it. The spaces between the aggregated matter which were smaller in the early Universe, become huge as the spacetime expands.

Think of a balloon which originally had some ice-cream drops aggregated on it. When this balloon expands, the drops become much far apart.

In whichever direction the aggregated matter travels due to expansion of spacetime, there is no end to that, as that moving away is caused by expansion of spacetime.   Universe spacetime gets filled with aggregated matter with huge AkAsa or empty space between them, differently in different directions. 

Since the spacetime is ever expanding, the directions are ever-expanding and endless.

In short anisotropies (directional properties) happen due to matter getting accumulated by Baryonic acoustic oscillations, the space between the accumulated matter expand endlessly due to spacetime expansion says Standard Model.

In short direction/diSa originates because of Zrotram, whichever direction matter travels, it is endless as the directions are endless says Brhadharanyaka Upanishad.