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Trayi Veda - Rca and sAma

Human expression and Universe’s expression

Like speech is the expression of beings, this Universe is the expression of that Atman.

Like speech carries the 'knowledge', the Universe carries the 'matter' forms. These matter forms are the 'information content', 'entropy' of Universe or 'Veda' or 'Knowledge' of Universe.

Thus 'we' the matter and beings of the Universe are 'thoughts/knowledge' of that Atman, that arises from its consciousness, the quantum oscillations of the vacuum.

This Veda/knowledge of the Universe, its information content, is of three types. They are trayi-Veda. The knowledge of Universe is distributed in Rca, sAma and Yajur. Apart from them is the atharvana.

What is Rca..?

Rg veda Mandala 1 Hymn 139 describes rca thus

Rco akSare parame vyoman yasmin devÀ adhi viZve niSeduH 
yas tan na veda kim RcÀ kariSyati ya it tad vidus ta ime samÀsate


The ‘devas’ of Universe repose/rest (niSeduh) extremely on the verses (rca) made of akSara in the expanse of vyoman (parame vyoman). What the rcA creates (kim rcA karisyati) is which is the knowledge to us (yas tan na veda). That resides/manifests/lives here (ta ime samAsate) is all what is to know (ya etad vidus). Whatever that reside here are the knowledge.

rcA/verses made out of akSara create the veda/knowledge. Whatever that manifests in Universe is veda, says the sloka.

Science says the same. The matter content of the Universe is its information or entropy of the Universe. The matter content is thus the knowledge (Veda) of the Universe as it is the information.

akSara - The syllable -The Quanta

akSara are primitive, indivisible, sounds that arise from oscillations.

They are primitive notes/sound that drip away from the ‘sam-udra’ of oscillations(1). The principle of brahman (evolution) of sabda is to evolve all the Universe and its beings from this akSara (2)

In Universe’s expression they are the ‘quanta’ or particle manifestation of force-fields. There are several 'quanta' of force-fields, akSara, that arise from the force-field oscillations, which on interaction, gives rise to various particles.

Om, the baryonic acoustic oscillations in early Universe (3) is also an akSara, a primitive 'note' that arises in early Universe, which progresses the evolution.

In human expression, they are ‘syllables’ or 'notes' that arise from the acoustic oscillations. The syllables are indivisible primitive sounds based on which other verses form.

Vyom - vAyu + Om

Vyoman is vAyu+Om. vAyu are ‘gases’. Om is the baryonic acoustic oscillations/pra-Na-va, the first cosmic sound of the early Universe which created the Universe’s matter and beings (3). 

Vyoman is the ‘gas/vAyu’ of that Universe in which this acoustic oscillations manifested. The ‘gas/vAyu’ in which the baryon acoustic oscillations (Om) manifest are the baryon-photon fluid of the early Universe.

The baryonic acoustic oscillations in baryon-photon fluid aggregate the 'baryonic matter' and create 'new verses' of matter.  These verses/matter  then become the gravitational seed of future galaxies, stars, planets and eventually life on planets.

The matter that is aggregated, that is the new verses are made out of protons, neutrons and electrons.

Devas repose in the Rca

As new aggregations of matter which are the new verses (RcA) are created due to baryonic acoustic oscillations (Om), the expanse of vyom (baryon-photon fluid) is filled with these aggregated matter or the new verses (RcA).

The ‘devas’ of Universe repose/rest (niSeduh) extremely on these verses (rca) to propel the evolution of this matter into new matter forms. The ‘devas’ are energies (Adityas), Rudras (force-fields) and Vasu (matter states) apart from Purusha (dark matter) and Amba (dark energy).

 These devas ‘repose’ or ‘rest’ on the verses, the aggregated matter and drive them to be the gravitational seed of future galaxies, stars, planets and life on planets.

We are the Veda

The rcA( verses or particle manifestations) create/make (kariSyati) the Veda (knowledge). The particle manifestations create the matter content of the Universe. The matter content of the Universe is its information or entropy of the Universe. The matter content is thus the knowledge (Veda) of the Universe as it is the information.

What the rcA creates (kim rcA karisyati) is which is knowledge to us (yas tan na veda) says the Sloka.  Like verses made of syllables create knowledge in human beings, the particles made of quanta create the information content of the Universe.

We are also the information content of the Universe. We are also the 'knowledge' of Universe.  All that manifests in this Universe is to know. All manifestations are the Veda/knowledge.

What is sAma..?

The brahmanas repeat the below sloka in multiple places (4).

sAmokti bRhdad yukti gitAyAm Rci kevale
gAne vA gAna eveti smAryate saptamoditam

sAma ukti (proclamation, expression/speech) vast/large/abundant joining (yukti) of verses (rca) that are musically sung (gitAyAm) just (kevale). Music or obtained from Music (songs) are thus remembered (smAryate) as arising from (uditam) from the seven (saptam).

The expression of sAma are just the large/abundant joining of the rca, the verse, that are musical (gitAyam). Thus the music or derivatives of music are thus remembered as arising out of the seven Rca.

sAma are large/abundant rcas/verses musically joined.

Rca, the verses are born from the combination of the akSara. sAma are musically joined, abundant verses/rca. Hence sAma itself is remembered as arising from the seven Rca.

This is further stated in Jamini (4)
gItISu sAmAkhyA

The sAma is declared the ‘gIta’ or musical.

Yaska in Nirukta VII.12 says (4)

sAma sammitam Rca asyater vA rcA samaM mena iti nai-dAnAh

Etymologists (nai dAnah) thus consider (iti mene) sAma is exactly same (sammitam) as of the Rca (asyater Rca) or equal to Rca (va rcA samam)

rcA are the verses/particles that arise out of the akSara. When large number of the Rca are musically joint together, that becomes sAma. Thus sAma is the musical of rcA, the verses, but both are either exactly same or equal.

What is gitA, the musical in Universe..?

In human expression, joining large number of verses musically is a song. What is it in Universe’s expression.

In Universe’s expression also, joining a large number of ‘rca’ or particles happens. Such a ‘joining’ of particles creating numerous combinations are called ‘amino-acids’. There are 100’s of thousands of amino acid (7) combinations possible. Thus amino-acids are the ‘music’ of the Universe (5)

What is musically joining..?

In Human expression, Music is a way of representing sequential relationships in a type of informational string to which the mind is attuned, such that the entire relationships and the information are ‘coded’ in the mind in such a way the exact pattern is reproducible by the human beings.

In Universe’s expression, the musically joining of particles is the combination of particles with specific sequential relationships such that the entire relationship and the information are ‘coded’ in such a way that the exact pattern of these particles in automatically reproducible.

Those sequential relationship in a type of informational string that are ‘coded’ and ‘reproduced’ are ‘amino-acids’. Thus ‘amino-acids’ are the ‘music’ of the Universe(5).

Like music that was created thousands of years ago, when played currently, is played with same finesse or defects or improvisations, ribosomes play out the amino acid sequences note by note, according to the genes they received via mRNA, sometimes the same, sometimes with defects and sometimes with improvisations.(8)

In a way, every generation of cells, in every living organism, plays the ‘genetic musical score’ of their species. This has been playing out in planet earth for billions of years now. This playing of music, creating the amino acid sequences according to the genes, with improvisations and defects is what has lead to the evolution of beings.

sAma is this ‘life-song/music’ of the Universe, the expression of amino-acids that are coded and reproduced, in terms of Universe’s expression.

Proteins are called sometimes music of life. In fact this transcribing is also used to generate music (6) just to demonstrate the similarity.

The seven RcAs..?

In terms of Universe's expression, the seven Rca that give rise to sAma  as mentioned in the above sloka, could be the CHNOPSS (Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosporous, Sulphur and Selenium).

When the above seven Rcas are musically joined in such a way they can be coded and reproduced, they become amino-acids.

Trayi-Veda - A summary

Rca, sAma and Yajus are the trayi-veda or three types of information content/knowledge available in the Universe.

akSara are the primitive/fundamental, indivisible sounds of Universe that arise from oscillations. In terms of Human expression, they are the syllables/notes. In terms of Universe's expression they are the ‘quanta’ of the force-fields that manifest as matter or Om the first cosmic sound of Universe that lead to evolution of all matter and beings of this Universe.

Rca are ‘verses’ made of akSara. They are the particle manifestations of the Universe ranging from protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, elements etc.

sAma are large number of rca/verses that are musically joined and hence ‘sung’. They are the amino-acids of the Universe. Like Music that is coded in the brain and reproduced with sequential relationships along with information, amino acids are coded and reproduced.

Yajus are those that are ‘sacrificed’ and evolve in the sacrifice. They are the classical world of thermodynamics in which matter is sacrificed and evolved one over the other.

There is a fourth veda, which is the atharva-Veda. Atharva veda are the knowledge/information content/ matter created by Human beings.