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The rAshtras of Universe

The four vedas of Universe

'Knowledge/Veda' of the Universe is the information content of Universe, its entropy. This entropy/information in the Universe is all the matter found in the Universe. Hence knowledge (Veda) of Universe is all its matter forms.

The matter found in the Universe, its entropy or information content or Veda of Universe is in four divisions. They are
  1. The Rk are the particles and forces at quantum level. The Rk (verses) describe the cosmic universe (in terms of what we know now as quantum physics) at particle level. 
  2. The Yaju (when the rk are sacrificed) are the atoms, molecules, compounds, the next level of matter particles. For eg. in bigbang/stellar nucleosynthesis, the rk (particles/forces) are sacrificed to evolve higher elements and compounds. 
  3. The sAma are the biological beings that have prajnA, consciousness and can function on their own.(sa-ama, with soul). 
  4. Atharva are those matter created by these living beings (man made objects say). 

The Yajur Veda

The Yajur veda describes the evolution of complex matter forms as a ‘Yajna’, a sacrifice in which the ‘Rk’ are sacrificed. 

Big Bang nucleo-synthesis or Stellar nucleo-synthesis are 'Yajna's or 'sacrifices' in which the Rk, the particles and forces at quantum level are 'consumed' to build more complex forms of matter.

If Yajur Veda is science, then how come 'rAshtra' in Yajur Veda 22.22 refer to a nation of people..? Does these translations (1) hold good then..?

The concept of 'rAshtra' in Universe

Evolution of complex matter forms from Yajna/sacrifice, say in a Star in Stellar nucleo-synthesis, is like a community prospering, a nation (rAstra) with yoga-ksemam, joint welfare. The concept of 'rAshtra' originates from this community of stars, galaxies and such stellar bodies.

rAstra indicates any community of matter and beings that work as a single entity and prospers with Yoga-kSemam. 

For eg. our Sun is a rAshtra, a rAshtra of 'burning gas-ball'. It has hydrogen burning into helium in a community/rAshtra of particles. The Sun requires four things.

  1. Brahmanas
    1. Knowledge/entropy/information content in terms of diverse particles like protons, neutrons, electrons, dueterium, hydrogen which are the brAhmana. 
  2. Rajanya
    1. Energy to be distributed in the core and in the peripherals differently due to the bending of spacetime (law of gravity) and thus the laws to aid it. This energy distribution and law maintaining is the rAjanya.
  3. Yajamana
    1. Newer processes to come-up to overcome bottlenecks (like triple-alpha process, carbon burning, CNO cycle etc) to produce new matter forms. This is the entrepreneurship, the yajamana that institutes newer sacrifices to evolve newer matter forms, when faced with bottle-necks.
  4. Newer and newer particles of same or different types to be kept producing. For eg., Hydrogen becoming helium and producing young helium particles continuously. This is the Youth.
As long as one or more of these four are maintained, the sun will remain with joint welfare, yoga-ksemam. When it cannot, it will die-out.

The rAshtra of matter and beings

Thus for any rAshtra with Yoga-kSemam
1. Knowledge or diverse information/matter content
2. Energy distribution and maintenance of dharma (laws) and Rtu (Order)
3. Entrepreneurship that produces newer processes to overcome bottle-necks producing newer matter/goods
4. Young population that is produced continuously

The rAshtra could be of matter or beings or human beings.  So the slokas often draw parallel with Universe and learn lessons from it for human beings.