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Explaining Time through Hiranyagarbha...

Taking a break from Aditya Hrdayam Series, posting this video that explains Time using Hiranyagarbha, the four dimensional spacetime.

This is my son's contribution to Breakthrough Junior Challenge starting today. The challenge is to explain a science concept simplistically in 3 mins.

He has tried to explain the concept of 'time' using Hiranyagarbha, the four dimensional spacetime.

As part of Aditya Hrdayam Series, will be explaining the Hiranyagarbha suktam later.

Please watch, share, feedback on the youtube video.



  1. Just wanted to say that I was looking for some more info about Rudram and found your blog. As an Astrophysicist & Yogi, my toughs are always blending old spiritual knowledge with our current knowledge in Science. And so, I wanted to thank this blog authors for the an excellent work... Namaste for sharing all your inspirational work. It's gonna take me a while to dig in, but I'm definitely in bliss with the things I've read. Love and light.

    1. Carlota,, interesting to read that you are both astrophysicist and a yogi. How much connection do you find between them. i have also made the same research between the two subjects . Please continue your ineterest. there seem to be a lot of relationship between these.
      Hari Malla

  2. Thanks Carlota. Go through other blogs as well and feedback.

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