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GenAI spiritualism..

AI is going to impact the domain of spirituality, as it's going to impact other domains.

Spiritual LLMs can spit out great spiritual answers that seem extremely attractive in comparison to the discourse of gurujis. They can do discourses like modern day self-acclaimed spiritual gurus and answer questions of disciples in extremely attractive ways. This could mean we will have chatguruji apps in plenty coming up on different shades of philosophies from osho to advaita. These app discourses can heal/steal the heart and mind much more powerfully than any human beings.

Maybe each guruji will build their own LLMs or may use off-the-shelf LLMs and customize answers suited to their taste for their bhaktas. What they need is to just feed all their discourses and talks that they delivered to their audience. Combine with it the books written in the name of gurujis, guruji LLMs can revolutionize the voice of gurujis and answer like guruji years after they are gone too.

Due to different spiritual and guruji LLMs and applications based on them, the spirit of future spirituality could be dictated by GenAI and LLMs. I also foresee a lot of cross-bred philosophies between different paths, being peddled by new-age gurus. They will not only provide new philosophies based on deep learning, but also provide new techniques beyond the current techniques of meditation, physical exercise, breathing exercise as all these techniques merge and merge with scientific and pseudo-scientific findings.  

Mantric, tantric could merge with deep learning and new age LLMs that result in future spiritualism,  covering practices from your bedroom, bathroom to living room. It won't be limited to puja room.

But in a way all these are not new. If a tapasvi of the past, who is in vAnaprastha or saMnyAsa look at the pUja spiritualism, or the pUja spiritualists look at modern age spiritualism that goes in the name of meditation, yoga, tantricism etc, they may feel the same strangeness and distantness from their age spiritualism. So in all probabilities the upcoming GenAI based future spiritualism would be far distant from what see as spiritualism today.

Is it believable..? What do you think..?