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The five puruSas - Part 3

While Universal matter forms and beings may be visualized as a bundle of abstract property of energy or a bundle of abstract property of consciousness, the physical underlying platform for all 'matter' forms and biological beings is the 'specific' property of 'mass' of particles. This 'specific' property of 'mass' of particles arises out of interaction with Higgs field (though most 'mass' of universe, in terms of quantity, comes from strong interaction of nucleus).

The Higgs field acquires a specific vacuum expectation value at a point of time in the evolution of the Universe. This value never changes and remains fixed for the duration of life of the Universe. This value is the pedestal on which this 'specific' property of 'mass' exists for all particles of the Universe, as these particles acquire 'mass' through interaction with Higgs field. While this value of higgs field is fixed, never changing and just remains an observer or witness or sAksi, the particles and subsequent matter forms acquire various amount of mass, due to the interaction with Higgs field and keep evolving/changing always.

Thus this Higgs field value could be termed an 'observer' or 'sAksi' (a la puruSa) and all the particles of the Universe that arise due to higgs interaction are the 'stri'. I consider this fixed higgs field value is equivalent to Vishnu and the particles that carry the property of mass due to higgs interaction is equivalent to Lakshmi.

The puruSa and Stri as in Energy/ Shiva and Momentum/Shakti are related as in an ardha-nareeswara form. They cannot be separated. Energy is always abstract and 'inferred' through Momentum or effects of energy or the Shakti. See my previous post here (1)..

But the puruSa and Stri as in Higgs field value/Vishnu and Particles/matter forms /Lakshmi are not related the same way as Shiva-Shakti. On the 'pedestal' of a specific Higgs field vacuum expectation value (Vishnu) arises particles and matter forms (Lakshmi) of various masses. Lakshmi 'arises' on Vishnu (the iconography of Lakshmi sitting on a lotus blooming out of Vishnu's navel holds good here).

Advaita, dvaita, visishta-advaita can be related to these iconographies. That's in another post.

But for now, not only Energy and Consciousness are puruSa, the observer or witness or sAksi. The higgs field value which remains constant for life of Universe is a puruSa, the observer or witness or sAksi on which all Universe evolves for the particles and matter forms with varying masses.

Brhadharanyaka Upanishad says there are five puruSas.

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