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A mathematics/physics view of Siddhis and Realization

What are siddhis..? what is realization..? 

There are 'patterns' lurking behind in every aspect of universe. From how earthquakes strike to burglaries happening in a city to how men and women like each other, in every aspect of our life there are design patterns that lurk behind. Mathematics can help you figure out the design patterns and use that design patterns to extrapolate them to future happenings. 

Watch the video here 

There are always smart people who can figure out these design patterns in their mind, crunch these numbers much faster than others and extrapolate them to future happenings or use these patterns for body language or mind-reading or even control other beings. We call it instincts sometimes or extra-sensory perceptions sometimes or 'siddhis' sometimes. 

Not that we can exactly predict the future with these 'siddhi' or 'capabilities'. Just better educated guesses could showcase huge impacts of our 'siddhi to others'. But below it all it's just mathematics and ability of brain to do that mathematics at play. But these capabilities or 'siddhi' does not mean we truly transcend into realization. 
  • Known and Unknown are viewing the surface level, 3 dimensional, deterministic, localized cause-effects, still attached with the self.
  • Realization is ability to view the deeply internal, multi dimensional, probabilistic, universal cause-effects, totally detached from the self.
While an inherent mathematics ability can help to transcend from known into unknown and help us to develop a detached perspective, it requires will and a lot of consistent practice to internalize this detached perspective and operate at a deeply internal (say consciousness) level that is multi-dimensional probabilistic, seeing the universal cause-effects.

That's one of the reason,  mahAperiyavA says 'From mathematics, every sAstra is a basis for Atma VidhyA, which is about 'realization' and not just knowing'.  Listen to him in this brahma jnana vali mAlA in tamil.