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Sri Hari Stotram

Universe is filled with an invisible cosmic milky ocean (paar-kadal) which is called the ‘Higgs field’ now.

Higgs field is ‘condensate’ and ‘milky’ because it is dense and when particles ‘couple’ with it, it gives a force to particles that impedes/stops their motion. This impediment acts as ‘nourishment’ (like milk) for particles to have an identity, interact between them, grow/evolve further.

Since Higgs interaction impedes the motion of particles, Science says it is making particles ‘Colder’. This Colder making Higgs interaction shines/smiles in all the particles, becomes foundation of Universe (paramam padam).

This Higgs interaction with particles causes the property of mass, ‘Vishnu’ in all particles. Vishnu gives rise to Lakshmi, the wealth of the Universe, its varied matter forms. The Higgs interaction that causes the property of mass is ‘Hari’.

Hari, the Higgs interaction remains ‘dissolved’ in all particles and matter forms, while giving them mass, winning over weak decays, creating a chain of them, from galaxies to biological beings. Hari means ‘bearer’ or ‘that carries’ everything.

Sri Hari Stotram describes the characteristics of Hari.


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