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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 65 - Three-wheeled Asvins


In the past few chapters, we went through

1. Force-fields (Scalar Higgs/Vishnu, Vector/Chakra, Spinor/Conch) (1)
2. Fundamental Particles (Panchajana/Five particle types, ChaturSana/Four right-handed particles) (2)
3. Interactions (Soma/strong, Madhu/Weak, Apa/Electromagnetic) (3)
4. Charges ( Vaishravana/Color, kAla/Weak, Yama/Electric) (3)
5. Composite Particles (Sura/Nucleons, Asura/Non-nucleons, Rakshasa/Vector and Pseudo-scalar mesons and Yaksa/Scalar and Pseudo-vector mesons) (4)
6. Concepts of Chirality, Helicity etc (4)
7. Asvins - The electromagnetic field (8)
8. How asvins grow vasus, learning/evolving molecular clouds (11)
9. Asvins leading to Stellar nucleosynthesis (12)

Executive Summary of Rgveda Slokas Mandala 1 Hymn 180,181,182

The Rgvedic Sloka Mandala 1 Hymn 180 to 186 are about 'vidyAm esAm vrjanam jiradAnum', which is 'Knowledge/learning sprinkles abundantly in these settlements". In simpler words, it is about increasing information content or entropy. 

How does entropy increase..? Asvins, the electromagnetic field causes the increase in entropy or information content or knowledge. This is explained in these slokas.

Universe as a Yajna

Evolution of Universe is a 'Yajna', an evolutionary sacrifice in which simple matter forms are sacrificed to build more complex matter forms. The matter forms that are sacrificed or undergo the evolution are the 'havis'. 

Asvins, the electromagnetic field are inside havis (the matter that is sacrificed for evolution of larger matter forms) crooked/bent in different directions, enabling the consumption of havis, emitting light/shining. Thus asvins (electromagnetic field) sacrifice the oblations in the evolutionary sacrifi

Two Types of Asvins

There are two types of Asvins. They are dasra and the nAsatya.

Dasra is the electromagnetic field mediated by virtual photons (virtual horses/asva) inside atoms and between any matter forms. Dasra binds all the electromagnetically impacted particles (tugras or charged particles), becoming the axle of that binding, producing larger and larger matter forms.

nAsatya is the electromagnetic field caused real photons travelling through the space in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The electromagnetic field associated with electromagnetic radiations pierce neutral particles with unbroken exteriors (arista-nemi) and produce newer materials.

The matter forms are in a way the 'knowledge' of the Universe. Knowledge as in information or entropy of matter. The electromagnetic radiation (nasatya) sprinkles new matter forms all over the space or knowledge all over the space. 

iSa and Hari

iSa, the energy of electromagnetic field flows through asvins, the electromagnetic field. With iSa, asvins help create vasus, matter forms with eight different states. The vasus are atomic matter with a 'core' or 'nucleus'. 

Asvins, the electromagnetic field, also help produce learning/evolving (sUri) gas/molecular clouds. From these planetary systems (diva) or new matter forms are created. Asvins not only grow matter forms. They are also remove matter forms by their electromagnetic discharge (as in thunderbolt). Thus 'Hari' removing/transfer of mass also are enabled by Asvins. 

Thus iSa, is the energy transmitted through EM field, while Hari matter removed by Asvin, the EM field.

mahah-loka - World of Stellar Nucleo-synthesis

Asvins, the electromagnetic field, swell the matter forms working on Ground, Excited and Metastable state particles. Asvins create beautiful forms of matter as well as vilifying forms. Asvins, the electromagnetic field along with puSa (chiral condensates in hadrons) give matter the exterior forms.

Dasra creates the assemblies of matter forms, molecular clouds that learn and evolve further. These clouds are made of 'vasus'. Vasus are matter forms, made of atoms with different states of matter. These are the 'abodes' of intelligence evolution.

These matter forms when they learn and evolve they get the property of nAsatyavata or Electromagnetic radiation. This is the stellar nucleosynthesis or the 'mahah loka' that produces light, like our own Surya/Sun. 'Mahah loka' is the region that produces light by stellar nucleosynthesis.

Taugryas, the charged matter forms (for eg protons) get crushed (though they repel) in the mahah loka and it produces radiation/electromagnetic far field or nAsatya, carried by electromagnetic four potentials. These four potentials are characterized as four ships.

This radiation is filled with Atman and is like a bird that flies across. Like the feathers of a bird drop, the Atman filled electromagnetic radiation drops 'manas' amongst the 'devas'. 

Asvin's invoke 'Manas'

Devas are the Rudras (force-fields), Adityas (Energies) and Vasus (matter forms made of atoms). In all the devas, the EM radiation provokes the 'desire' to evolve further. This desire to evolve further and become the abode of intelligence evolution is the 'manas'. 

Of the Rudras, Soma Rudra is the Strong force-field which cause the proton. The primary mass of Proton comes from energy in the Strong interaction (Soma). Hence Indra is said to be drunk with Soma. Since all matter forms are made of protons and electrons, all matter forms can be seen as assemblies of Soma.

Manas is the 'desire' to evolve further and become the abode of evolving intelligence. Since in the assemblies of Soma (chemical compounds etc) the impinging electromagnetic radiation makes these matter forms to evolve more, asvins are said to invoke the manas. 

How does Asvin interact with these particles..?

Summary of Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 183

The Electromagnetic field is triple-bonded with three cyclic actions. They establish three layers of 'residence' as the 'feathers' fall down.

The electromagnetic field is the well moving chariot, burns in all directions and provides the intelligence in its every 'quanta'. All the bodily forms, their companions, all these expressions, newer planetary systems are 'intelligent' daughters of the 'dawn'.

Those matter forms that are charged and subjected to EM field become the oblations in the evolutionary sacrifice. Energy resides in this field from which off-springs originate.

The EM field does not burn/scorches the particles though it tears, agitates, twists/turns the particles. The EM field deposits the atomic energy of neutral atoms (bhaga) in all the particle's expressions. The dasra of the asvins, preserves the particles that otherwise decay by weak force.

Post the neutrino decoupling (atri), the EM field between matter forms continue the sacrifice of the matter. Then EM radiation (nasatyata) departs from that abode when the neutral atoms form and the atomic energy/bhaga originates. This is called Cosmic microwave background 

While diSa/directions are linearly controlled, diSTam/destiny is not.

Crossing over the darkness from that far-off, asvins, the electromagnetic field are placed as the heap-makers. They make the hymns out of individual particles. 

In the vehicle of devas (Rudras, Vasus, Adityas), asvins, the electromagnetic field travel in various paths/processes, sprinkling abundantly the knowledge in the 'matter' settlements, increasing the entropy.

The three charioteers of Asvins are the electric field, magnetic field and the interaction between electric and magnetic field. The three cyclic actions (tri-cakrah) they cause are EM field impacting particles, particles moving due to this impact and moving particles create newer EM field. The whole cycle repeats.

The three layers of 'abodes' that are established by asvins, the electromagnetic field, are the world of matter, biological beings and consciousness/thoughts.

Rgveda Mandala 1 Hymn 183

taṃ yuñjāthāṃ manaso yo javīyān trivandhuro vṛṣaṇa yas tricakraḥ | 
yena upayāthaḥ sukṛto duroṇaṃ tridhātuna patatho vir na parṇaiḥ || 

that/unto that (tam)  joining/fixing (yunjatam) one with the speed of thought (javiyan), triple bonded (tri-vandhura) masculine/fertilizing/impregnating (vrsana) three cycled (tri-cakrah) by which (yena) approached/visited (upayAtah) well done/performed (sukrta) residence/dwelling (duronam) three layered (tri-dhatuna) three layers of leaves/feathers falling down or flying like a bird (patator vi na paranaih)

That radiating electromagnetic field has three charioteers. These charioteers are the way the EM field 'bonds or interacts' with particle forms. 'vandhura' are charioteers as well as 'bondages'.

The three 'bondages' or 'charioteers' of electromagnetic field are 1. Electric field 2. Magnetic field 3. Interaction between Electric and Magnetic field (Lenz's law).  These three are 'bonded' to a cyclic action of 3 items.

The three cycle of action (tri-cakra) that the three bondages/charioteers of EM field causes are
1. Elecrromagnetic field impacts particles
2. Particles move
3. Particles generate more electric and magnetic fields.
4. The cycle repeats from 1.

Atman filled electromagnetic radiation drops 'manas' the invoker of desire to evolve further,  in three layers or three sub-stratums. The first layer is the layer of non-living matter forms. The second layer is the layer of living biological bodies. The third layer is the layer of consciousness and thoughts in the biological bodies.

suvṛd ratho vartate yann abhi kṣāṃ yat tiṣṭhathaḥ kratumanta anu pṛkṣe | 
vapur vapuṣyā sacatām iyaṃ gīr divo duhitra uṣasā sacethe ||

well moving (suvrt) chariot (ratha) remains/happens (vartate) whose/which (yann) towards/in all directions (abhi) burning (ksAm) which (yat) situated (tisthathah) they fill with intelligence (kratumanta) constantly/always (anu) spotted/dappled/quanta (prkSa) bodily form (vapur) associated forms (vapusya sacatam) all these (iyam) expressions (gir) new matter forms/planetary systems (diva) daughter (duhitr) dawn (uSas) intelligent (sacethe)

Well moving chariot exists as which burns in all directions, which is situated as the provider of intelligence in every 'quanta'. Bodily forms, their companions/attachments, all these expressions, newer matter forms/planetary systems, the intelligent daughters of the 'dawn'

The electromagnetic field, which is the well moving chariot, burns in all directions and provides the intelligence in every 'quanta'. All the bodily forms, their companions, all these expressions, newer planetary systems are 'intelligence' that are born out of the dawn of the Universe.

ā tiṣṭhataṃ suvṛtaṃ yo ratho vām anu vratāni vartate haviṣmān | 
yena narā nāsatya iṣaya dhyai vartir yāthas tanayāya tmane ca || 

those situated (tisthatam) well moving (suvrtam) which (yah) chariot (ratha) both (vam) always (anu) by the vows/by their action (vratani) exists (vartate) inside the havis (havisman).by which (yena) mass/charged (nara) nasatya energy filled (isaya) meditate (dhyai) being situated (vartir) like or from which (yathas or yatas) offspring/children (tanayaya) atmane and (ca)

Matter forms that are 'sacrificed' or become oblations in the evolutionary sacrifice of Universe always have this well moving ratha/electromagnetic field established in them.  The energy of the EM field (iSa) meditates (dhyai) in the EM field of the charged particles and from which the offsprings of Atman is situated.

Those matter forms that are charged and subjected to EM field become the oblations in evoltuionary sacrifice.  Energy resides in this field from which offsprings originate.

mā vāṃ vṛko mā vṛkīrā dadharṣīn mā pari varktam uta māti dhaktam | 
ayaṃ vāṃ bhāgho nihita iyaṃ gīr dasrāv ime vāṃ nidhayo madhūnām ||

Both (vam) not tear (ma vrk)  not tearing (ma vrkira) giving overwhelm/agitations (da dharSin) not (ma) fully/wholly (pari) twisting/bending (varktam) it is said (uta)  dirt/crust of the earth/particles (mati) burn/scorch (dagdham) this (ayam) both (vam) bhaga  (energy in the interaction between atoms) place/deposit (nihita) this expressions (gir) of dasra (dasrav) establishes/achieves (nidhaya) filled with madhu (madhunam)

Not tearing through, not the agitations/overwhelming of tearing, not complete twisting/turning it is said burns the particles. Both EM fields place/deposit bhaga in the expressions, of both, the dasra establishes/preserves the particles filled with Madhu (weak force).

The EM field does not burn/scorches the particles though it tears, agitates, twists/turns the particles. The EM field deposits the atomic energy (bhaga) in all the expressions. The dasra of the asvins, preserves the particles that otherwise decay by weak force

yuvāṃ gotamaḥ purumīdho atrir dasrā havate.avase haviṣmān | 
diśaṃ na diṣṭāṃ ṛjūyeva yantā me havaṃ nāsatya upa yātam || 

you both (yuvam), best of the 'ga' (moving ones) (ga tamah) abundantly discharged atri (puru midha atri), dasra sacrifices (havate) the oblations (havisman) in that abode directions (avasa) (disam) not/of (na) distam (not/of destiny/order) linearly/straight (rju) only (eva) controlled (yantam) sacrifice (havam) nasatya near (upa) depart/go (yAtam)

You both, best of the moving ones, post the abundant discharge of atri (the neutrino decoupling), dasra, the EM field between matter forms sacrifices the oblations in that abode. Directions not Destiny is linearly controlled. In that sacrifice the EM field of the EM radiation departs.

Post the neutrino decoupling, the EM field between matter forms continue the sacrifice of the matter.  Then EM radiation departs from that abode. This is called Cosmic microwave background.

While directions are linear, destiny is not.

atāriṣma tamasas pāram asya prati vāṃ stomo aśvināv adhāyi | 
eha yÀtam pathibhir devayÀnair vidyÀm eSaM vRjanaM jIradÀnum

crossing over (ataris ma) darkness (tamasas) of the ultimate/far-off (paramasya) each/towards/return (prati) both (vAm) hymns/heap making (stomo) of asvins (asvinav) placed/exists these (eha) go/depart (yAtam) by the paths/processes (pathibhir) leading to the devas or vehicle of the devas (devayAnair) Knowledge (vidyAm) these (esAm) settlements (vRjanam) sprinkle abundantly (jIradanum)

Crossing over the darkness from that far-off, heap-making/hymns of both asvins exists/is placed.
These go/depart/travel  by the processes/paths in the vehicle of devas. Thus knowledge/learning sprinkle abundantly in these settlements.