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Inspiring Palita Perspectives - Kindle e-book

The common theme running through several ancient Indian scriptures can be summed up as follows: They ask us to be detached “observers” or “witnesses” to the actions of ourselves and others. Such an observer is our ‘Guru’. The observer is also embedded in the blueprint/design pattern of the Universe’s evolution as explained in texts like samkhya kArika.

Is there a design pattern in the Universe's evolution? If so, can we begin to understand/comprehend it? If we can comprehend it, is there anything to be learnt from it? What does its existence mean for the nature of the Universe- is it purely deterministic or is there room for randomness? Empirical observations show us that randomness is manifest in our universe and even in our consciousness. How can we reconcile these seemingly opposite conclusions?

In the e-book, I have tried to grapple with some of the above questions. Using a curated subset of texts and shlokas, I hope to shine a light on the overarching principles that I believe bind the disparate elements of our ancient philosophies together. While the subset is not exhaustive, I intend to use them as a filter through which we can view several modern ideas and science, thereby creating syncretic interpretation of both modernity and tradition.

This collection contains texts and relevant translations from several sources like Samkhya kArika, Guru Gita, Ashtavakra gita, Chandogya Upanishad, Vishnu SahasranAma and Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. While I only quote them selectively, these individual sources have generated a vast trove of literature/commentaries by themselves. In my translations and understanding, the complete texts also reinforce the very thoughts presented here in this discussion.

Do read and feedback.  All kinds of feedback welcome.