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Rsis of the Vedas - Part 8


How the Universe expanded in Cosmic Inflation epoch and came into existence is explained here (1).

In the 'expanded space' (Brahma) rudras (force-fields) manifest one by one. The force-fields are different ways in which energy is distributed with different properties. There are eleven force-fields and they are explained here (2).

'maruts' are 'quanta' of energy in different force-fields.There are 49 puStis (Fermions) and 14 Tustis (Bosons) making it totally 63 maruts (3).

Rsis are symmetry breaking events that originate everything in the Universe  (4).

Marici is the Higgs field acquiring Vacuum Expectation Value. Kashyapa is the Electroweak symmetry breaking event. Bhrgu is quantum tunneling. Angiras is the appearance of massless quark condensates due to gluons. Kavi is the formation of neutral atoms (4).

Rsi Pulastya is excitation of Virtual and Real 'mesons' which are composite bosons. The excitation of virtual mesons is Agastya (potted in nucleus). The excitation of real mesons is Vizravas,which is streamed forth. These can be Charged Scalar, neutral Scalar, Charged Vector, neutral vector bosons which are the Gandharvas, YakSas, RakSas and Pisacas respectively. The glue-ball is the Kuvera and apsaras are the excitation caused by electromagnetic radiation (5).

Rsi Vasistha is exchange of virtual gluons. Rsi Visva-mitra is the exchange of virtual photons. Rsi Agasthya is the exchange of virtual mesons (11).

Rsi Atri is the neutrino decoupling process (10) (6). SvarabhAnu is the three way oscillation of weak force-field. When the energy of oscillation of weak-force-field comes down, or 'mAya' of svarabhanu fades out, neutrinos stop interacting with protons (Indra), a fixed proton-neutron ratio emerges, which then determines the evolution of atomic nucleus and all the matter as we see it today (7).

Chandra-atri are predominance of strong interaction. Datta-atri is the benevolence of weak interaction. Durvasa are excited energy states of particles. Since these follow Atri, the neutrino decoupling, these are visualized as 'son's of Atri.

Rishi Kratu are the quantum tunneling interactions of massive particles that become the 'intelligence'. bAla-khilyas are such interactions during nucleo-synthesis process.  Rishi Pulaha is the addition of kinetic and potential energy to matter.

The entire Universe's matter and beings are the children of Kashyapa. Aditi is the Creative energy. Aditya are the energies around the matter and functions.

There are twelve Adityas in total.

Eight Adityas are energy that create the matter forms. The seven matter forms that are created are Valence Quarks (Zatru), Sea Quarks (Mitra), QCD vacuum (VaruNa), Charged Hadrons (Vi-dhAtR), Hadrons (dhAtR), Neutral atom (bhaga), Complex atomic nucleus of matter (SavitR). The eighth Aditya is the mass/Higgs interaction that gives rise to three generations in Quarks.

Of the above eight, QCD vacuum existed even before Rishi Kashyapa (Electroweak symmetry breaking). Hence the rest seven are said to have risen from the dead egg (mrta anda) and called mArtANDa.

The other four are Tvasta (Creator of Charged quarks), Aryaman (Creator of hadrons), Pusa (Creation of Chiral condensate) and Vivasvan (Creation of complex atoms/elements).

Let's see about Kadru, Vinata and their sons nAga and Garuda now.

Kadru - Energy flowing in force-fields

Rudras are distribution (vibration) of energy associated with a particular force-field. prANa is the energy flow in the force-fields. Due to the flow of energy, different forces manifest.

Energy is an 'abstract' concept in general, while 'forces' are what are clearly perceived. A force is felt by the physical movement or change in entropy of something.

Like Aditi is Creative energy around different matter forms creating them, Diti is destructive energy that decays the matter forms, Kadru are what moves/flows. 'Ka' is what/which. 'dru' is flowing, running etc. Ka-dru are what flows/moves.

Kadru means that which/what (ka) flows/runs (dru). It is 'what flows'.

The flow of energy in the force-fields (Ka-dru), post Electroweak symmetry breaking event (Kashyap Rsi) results in different types of forces (nAga).

nAga - The forces produced by energy flow

The forces that results from the flow of energy are the 'nAga'. The 'nAga' (forces),  are hence called sons of 'kadru'(energy that flows).

A force is perceived by some physical movement or change of state or entropy change. A force can never be stationary. 'aga' means stationary.  Hence force is described as 'na +aga', nAga, which means which is not aga (not non-moving).

These forces lie underground as they we don't 'see' them, but we perceive the result of these forces. Hence these forces or 'nAga' are said to be pAtaLa Loka.

The name 'nAga' are used to identify snakes and reptiles as they live in holes underground.

Ahi- The forces produced by massive particles

nAga are 'forces' that are produced by the energy flow in the field. Hence they are said to be sons of Kadru (which flows).

When such forces are caused by massive particles they are called 'ahi'. Both nAga and ahi represent the forces. Both are visualized as 'snakes'.

The force produced by massive particles could be color force, electromagnetic force or mechanical force.

Adi Sesha holds the Universe

The first and foremost famous force in Universe is the force of the Higgs field.  This force is the first force (Adi) starting point of matter evolution in Universe.

It is the 'remainder' (Sesha) that exists even when all other force-fields and particles are gone. It is endlessly (ananta) spread across the Universe's spacetime. Hence this is called Adi Sesha or Ananta Sesha. This is the first son of Kadru.

This is the force that 'holds' all the Universal matter and beings. Hence Adi Sesha, the force of the higgs field is said to 'hold' the earth/universe etc.

vAsuki emits the hAlahAla

The second son of Kadru is vAsuki.  vAsuki is one that is worn around. The second force to evolve after the Higgs field acquired expectation value is the Electromagnetic force that separated from electro-weak force, post Higgs field acquiring vacuum expectation value.

This separation of weak force from electro-weak force is what is depicted as vAsuki emitting hAlahAla. The weak force is depicted as a poison as it decays matter.  vAsuki (as Electro-weak force) is said to be the snake worn around Mandhara mountain during samudra manthan.

Since electromagnetic force is only energy, it is said to be worn around Shiva, the energy.

'maNi' also means magnet. vAsuki, the electromagnetic force is supposed to have a 'nAga - maNi' on its head. nAga-maNi means magnetic force.

The weak force of TakSaka

The third son of Kadru is TakSaka. TakSaka is the weak force that separated from electroweak force.  produced by weak charge that decays matter particles over a period. Hence takSaka is visualized as  a venomous killing snake.

TakSaka is depicted as enemy of Shesha nAga. It is because the weak force decays the 'higgs force' slowly over a period and decays particles.

The Strong force of Iravat and Residual force of Airavat

The fourth son of Kadru is Ira-vat.

'Ira' is translated as 'energy', 'food' etc. Indra is the energy that creates the proton. Ira is the energy in the binding of the proton. Aira is the energy in the binding of proton with other protons and neutrons.

Ira-vat is the Strong/Color force produced by this gluon energy that binds the proton. Aira-vat is the residual color force that binds the protons with other protons and neutrons in atomic nucleus. Indra is thus carried by the 'residual nuclear force' in the atomic nucleus. Hence Airavata is said to carry Indra.

The descendant of Ira is Aira. The descendant of Ira-vat is Aira-Vata.   Iravat and Airavat are actually same, as color force that binds the proton and residual color force that binds the atomic nucleus are the same forces.

Iravat/ Airavata are depicted as 'nAga malla" or an 'elephantine force' or huge force that carries Indra. In purAnas it simply becomes a white elephant, but in reality it is called 'nAga malla' or elephant nAga.

Manasa - The force of dark energy

Manasa is said to be another nAga, which is the force exerted by the expanding dark energy scalar field.

'Manas' is the dark energy scalar field that keeps expanding. 'Manasa' is the force produced by this energy flow on spacetime, matter and beings.

The different types of 'ahi'

ahi are forces produced by massive particles.

ahirbudhnya are the color force produced by massive quarks or residual color force produced by protons and neutrons.

vRtra are the electromagnetic force (of attraction and repulsion) produced between the quarks that make the proton and also between the proton and electron.

The oscillating weak force (SvarabhAnu, which become rAhu and Ketu) are also a 'ahi' as they impact physically on particles and produce mechanical forces.

There are zillions of forces produced by massive particles (ahi) and forces produced by energy flow in force-fields (nAga) acting below the surface of matter and biological beings. Hence nAga and ahi are said to reside in  pAtAla loka.

Tri-Siras and vRtra

Tri-Siras is the electromagnetic force that repels the quarks which Indra, the energy that creates the proton overcomes. Indra slays the tri-siras, the repulsion between quarks due to electromagnetic force, by drinking soma (or through strong interaction), overcoming this repulsion and creating positively charged proton. This proton produces Apa, the electromagnetic interaction,

vRtra is the electromagnetic force that attracts the dAnava (the electron) to Indra, the proton.  If electron falls into proton, proton would have decayed.  But Indra ensures the electron becomes like a 'calf around the cow', (enslaving the electron) and creates neutral atoms.  Thus Indra overcomes the vRtra also.

nAga and apsaras

The above 'nAga' are forces of electromagnetic field. These forces of electromagnetic field are mediated by virtual photons.  In comparison, apsaras are the excitation caused by electromagnetic radiation, in  matter forms. In case of apsaras, the excitation is caused by absorption of electromagnetic radiation, mediated by real photons.

The difference between nAga and apsaras is thus the difference between an electromagnetic field mediated by virtual photons and excitation caused by absorption of electromagnetic radiation/energy through real photons.

Vinata - Energy depressed/sunk in force-fields

Vinata means that is sunk, inclined or depressed.  It is the energy that is inclined or depressed or sunk.  Like energy that flows is Kadru, the energy that is sunk/depressed is Vinata. This sunk/depressed energy is perceived as 'mass'.

These 'particles with mass' move across the spacetime unlike the forces (nAga) that are point of impacts in a given region. Hence the massive particles are said to be 'winged' and called su-parNa, which means 'well winged'. Hence Vinata is also called Su-parNa.

These 'energy that is sunk' or 'massive particles' is of two types. Energy that is sunk in the QCD binding energy of hadrons. This is called 'aruNa'. Energy that is sunk in the interactions of Higgs field. This leads to rest-mass energy called 'Garuda'.

aruNa- The charioteer of Surya - QCD Binding energy

aruNa is the QCD Binding energy that gives the most mass to hadrons.

Surya is the nucleosynthesis process. Our Sun is called Surya because it runs by the process of nucleosynthesis.  aruNa, the QCD binding energy of nucleons drives the nucleosynthesis process (Surya),  in which nucleons combine with each other releasing energy.  Hence aruNa is said to be charioteer of SuryA.

The sons of aruNa are said to be the sampAti and jatAyu.

sampAti - Potential energy of gluon interactions

sampAti means flying together.  It is the energy of the gluon-gluon interactions that is a part of the QCD Binding energy. This is a potential energy.

This gluons are massless but have energy.  It is the gluon-gluon interaction energy, a potential energy, that causes the 'mass' . Hence sampAti, though a bird (massive),  is said to lose its wings.

jaTAyu - Kinetic energy of quarks and gluons

jaTAyu means 'matted'. It is the kinetic energy of the matted quarks and gluons.

Quarks move at near light speeds inside atomic nucleus, because they are massive due to higgs interaction. Gluons are masselss and move at light speeds.

The Kinetic energy of the quarks and gluons is the jaTAyu, which has wings.

Garuda - Rest Mass Energy

Garuda is the rest-mass energy of particles due to higgs field interaction. It is the energy of a particle even when it has no movement or at rest. Garuda, the rest-mass energy is the vehicle that carries 'mass' due to higgs everywhere.

Higgs interaction is the nectar of immortality that drives the Universe evolution. It is the amRta.

This amRta or higgs interaction causes an amount of energy to be present in the particle, even when the particle is at rest (with respect to observer).  This rest-energy carries the property of 'mass' (or rest-mass).

The rest-energy due to Higgs interaction is the Garuda and rest-mass it carries is the Vishnu.

Vinata vs Kadru 

Zravas are real mesons/particles that are streamed forth (X). Uchhai-zravas are maximally (ucchai) streaming forth real particles.  These particles are acted on by 'forces' (nAga) at the back (tail).

In such particles streaming forth,  the 'energy' that is flowing in force-fields  (kadru) overpower the 'energy' that is sunk in the force-fields (vinata).

This continues till the time particles come to rest completely.    When the rest-mass energy (Garuda) causes particles to come to rest completely, vinata (energy that is sunk) overcomes Kadru (energy that flows).

Garuda, the rest-mass energy, brings the 'nectar' of 'immortality', 'the mass' to particles and thereby makes Vinata win over Kadru finally.

Enmity between Garuda and nAgas

nAga are the 'forces' impacting on particles. Garuda is the rest-mass energy. The forces that impact a particle (nAga) cause its physical motion. The rest-mass energy of a particle (Garuda) opposes this motion and reduces its speed. Hence Garuda and nAga are said to have enmity with each other.

This is true for all forces/nAga except Adi-Sesha (the Higgs force). The rest-mass energy (Garuda) of a particle is in a way caused by Adi-Sesha, the force of the Higgs field. All other forces impacting on a particle are opposed by the rest-mass energy of a particle.

More to come