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The dakSa Yajna - Cosmic Inflation and Reheating


The Universe is 'inside' a womb of 'dark energy'. This womb is the Hiranya Garbha. The dark energy is distributed in a dark energy scalar field. This dark energy is the 'Shiva'. The scalar field is the 'Atmanas' or 'Manas'.

During the cosmic inflation epoch, the dark energy scalar field expanded greatly (Why and How it happened in another blog), creating 'space' with vacuum inside it. Visualize it as the dark energy expanding suddenly on all sides leaving out an empty space in-between.

More precisely, visualize it as the surface of dark energy moving away on all sides leaving out an empty space in between, creating vacuum.

So vacuum itself is a 'bed' of energy that has not moved or expanded, unlike dark energy. The energy that got liberated/released is the dark energy. The energy component that remains is vacuum energy. The expanding dark energy is the Purusha. The bed of vacuum energy is called 'Stri'.  The external 'rupA' of the stri are the rudras, the force-fields.

While the 'womb' of space with force-fields/rudras with bed of vacuum energy surrounded by expanding dark energy is called Hiranyagarbha, the space/vacuum that keeps expanding due to expansion of dark enregy scalar field is called 'Brahma'.

According to Standard Model, there were three force-fields that existed during cosmic inflation epoch. They were Electro-weak force-field, Strong force-field and Spinor field (of Quarks, Electrons, Nuetrinos).

These force-fields or rudras manifest in the space/vacuum on top of Stri, the vacuum energy as the 'rupA' of Stri. This is at times visualized as rudras originating from Brahma, the expanding space.

The Story of dakSa and dakSa Yajna occurs in this time.

Shiva, the dark energy- Wanderer

Purusha or Atmanas or manas is the dark energy scalar field. The energy released by this field is the dark energy called Shiva. The nature of Shiva, the dark energy, is to expand. That expansion nature of dark energy is depicted as Shiva being a  'wanderer'.

Since Shiva, the wandering dark energy is all alone and it wanders alone. Hence Shiva is also depicted as 'mendicant' or a 'beggar' 'wanderer'.

During the cosmic inflation epoch, the dark energy scalar field expanded greatly (Why and How it happened in another blog), creating 'space' with vacuum.  This space is manifested with different force-fields or Rudras.

In this space filled with Rudras and underlying vacuum energy, the Universe  evolves as a baby evolves in a womb.  Hence this space with vacuum energy and force-fields inside the dark energy is the 'golden womb' or Hiranyagarbha in which Universal particles evolve.

dakSa - The inflation potential

As the dark energy scalar field expanded on all sides during cosmic inflation epoch, leaving space or creating vacuum in between, this like a 'work done' on the field. Whenever there is a 'Work done', there is a potential energy created. The potential energy created is the 'inflation potential'..

This inflation potential is the 'dakSa'. 'dakSa' indicates the 'potential' and hence is translated as 'able' or 'ability'.

'dakSa' is a 'manasa-putra'. Manas is the dark energy scalar field. It is the off-spring of the dark energy scalar field. dakSa is said to be the son of 'Brahma', the 'expanding space'.  This is also true, as inflation potential is an offshoot of expanding space.

This inflation potential creates all the energies possible in the Universe. It creates the energy in the force-fields, energies in the interaction between force-fields, energy in the symmetry breaking events in different epochs, laws of conservation of these energies etc.  These in turn drive the evolution of the Universe.

When the dark energy scalar field expanded creating space, the inflation potential interacted with force-fields, energized them and created particles. The inflation potential created particles of electroweak force-field, Strong force-field and Spinor force-fields.  These particles populated the Universe's space. This inflation potential also feeds the 'energy' for symmetry breaking events in different epochs. This inflation potential also causes the different energies that are subjected to law of conservation.

Thus dakSa is visualized as the 'father' of several daughters (energies) who are given in marriage to different Rishis (symmetry breaking events of different epochs), dharma (law of conservation of energies), Chandra (strong field interactions), Shiva (Quark/matter field interactions) etc..

Sati - The daughter of dakSa - Marries Shiva

dakSa, the inflation potential energizes the electro-weak force-fields, strong force-field and the spinor fields. The electro-weak and strong force-fields are ' force-fields' that mediate 'forces'.

The spinor field creates the 'matter' particles.  What 'makes' the Universe are 'matter' particles that originate in 'spinor fields', when energy manifests through these spinor fields. The energy of the spinor fields that creates all the particles of Universe, brings Universe to existence is called 'Sati'.

'Sat' means existence. Hence it is used to denote 'truth'. Sati is the energy behind the existence. Sati is the energy in spinor fields that makes the Quarks, Electrons and neutrinos.

When the Universe expanded, the inflation potential/dakSa, interacts with spinor fields and energised those fields with particles. The Universe got dominated with spinor field particles.

These spinor field particles are said to marry Shiva, the dark energy, as particles of spinor field is always associated with dark energy expansion (Shiva) through inflation potential (dakSa).

When the dark energy scalar field expanded and inflation potential manifested as particles of spinor field and particles of spinor field dominated the Universe.

Sati - dAkshAyani

Sati, the energy of the particles of spinor field is caused by the inflation potential (dakSa). This energy of spinor field actually resides (ayana) in the dakSa (inflation potential).

Hence Sati is called dAksAyani (which means one which resides in dakSa).

Radiation dominated Universe

When the energy in force-fields, the prANA,  propagates in speed of light, it is called 'Radiation'.

These particles of spinor field are un-impeded by Higgs field, as Higgs did not start interacting with other particles at this point of time in the Universe.

Hence these particles of spinor field were propagating in the maximum speeds of light. Hence Universe is said to be filled with radiation at this point of time.

Radiation impedes the Dark energy field expansion

When Universe is filled with particles of spinor field that move at maximum speed of light, or radiation, the dark energy scalar field expansion comes down.  This is the 'kinetic' energy part of the dark energy scalar field.

This can be visualized like 'the energy of dark energy scalar field' moves into these fields of spinor field or radiation (movig at speed of light) and there is little energy left to expand the scalar field.

Hence the expansion of space comes down, but it does not stop completely. Rather the expansion slows down.

Reheating - The dakSa Yajna

As more and more energy flowed into spinor fields, the particles of matter get more and more
excited and heated up. The particles acquire higher and higher temperature. This process is called 're-heating'.

The huge inflation potential (dakSa) caused by cosmic inflation does not give back (havis) much of energy to dark energy scalar field. Hence it expansion comes down, while matter particles get heated up.

This re-heating is the dakSa Yajna. Hence it is said that in dakSa Yajna, dakSa refused to give 'havis' to Shiva, the dark energy.

During this re-heating process or dakSa Yajna, most of the energy from the dark energy scalar field flows into the spinor fields. There is very little energy left for expansion.  Hence the expansion of dark energy scalar field comes down, though it does not stop completely.

The immolation of Sati

When the re-heating or dakSa Yajna occurs, the particles of spinor field gets heated up and get burnt up. As they get heated up and burnt up, the whole matter particles become a 'Quark-Gluon Plasma'.

The Quark-Gluon-Plasma is a state of matter where Quarks are 'immolated' or can't exist as Quarks or Quark combinations. The Quarks are consumed into a Color charged plasma of Quarks in strong force, due to the high temperatures.

This subsuming of Quarks/particles of spinor field into Quark Gluon Plasma during re-heating is the immolation of Sati in the dakSa Yajna.

Veerabhadra and beheading of dakSa

As the particles of spinor field get burnt with increasing energy into a quark gluon plasma, the inflation potential dakSa comes down, as most of the potential energy of expansion becomes the kinetic energy of spinor field.

bha means light. dra means running. bhadra means radiation. Vira-bhadra means the fierce radiation. Virabhadra is the radiation of particles in the spinor field.

Due to manifestation of Vira-bha-dra, the dakSa, the potential is destroyed.  There remains an unborn potential in the inflation potential, which causes the dark energy scalar field to expand, but very slowly.

'aja' means 'unborn'. 'aja' also indicates 'goat'. The remaining or left-over unborn potential of the inflation potential is indicated as dakSa with a 'goat' head.

Thus Universe expands, but very slowly at the end of cosmic inflation epoch, as dakSa, the inflation potential is beheaded by manifestation of Virabhadra, the radiation of particles of spinor field.

Sati is immolated as the particles of spinor field become Quark-Gluon-Plasma due to high temperatures of reheating (dakSa Yajna).

Universe's evolution stops

The particles of Universe are stuck at Quark Gluon Plasma state, causing the Universe not to evolve further.

How did the Universe evolve further..? What was the role of Vishnu (Higgs) and his Sudarshan Chakra (Weak force field) in bringing back the Universe's matter evolution..?

More in the next posts..



  1. Brilliant and brilliant...Veda means light too and you are a Vedavid.
    .expositor of our ancient scriptures. I too a student of physics and being myself interested in Vaidik Karmas often had a thought that our Vedic Sloka are a pack of codified secret knowledge. Its known that our Rishis saw the sloka happen ! Your efforts are I am sure blessed by our Maharshis and its not too far when the Origin of Creation will be recealed and explained fully through study of Veda as you have initiated. By the by may I request you to do a research on the " Pran Pratistha' mantras used to invoke life to our deities before a puja of idols . Also the Mahamritynjay Mantra. I have an impression that therein lies a very very ccrucial secret knowledge of revivng deads. Thanks and all good wishes...Kunal Purkayastha.

    1. Sorry kunal for late reply. Thanks very much for your comments.
      Yes, that's the goal.

      On prANa prathistha mantra, we convert the idol to mUrthi by invoking the biological functions of our body in that idol and finally transfer the 'self' (aham) in us to the idol through (soham hamsa -hamsa soham which is sah-aham aham-sah).

      I explained it bit clumsily here..

      The concept of mahA-mrtyunjaya mantra is simple. Let us be bound like a cucumber that dies, but spreads its seeds far and wide. Let us be nourished by the tryambaka that nourishes, grows and spreads us. Let us mortally immortal.

      The tyambaka in my understanding are the three forces of Rudra, the Higgs (marici), strong (maram) and electromagnetic (Apa) that nourishes the universe and grows it.


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