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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 53 - saMkhya design pattern summary


Before I start with the slokas of Samkhya kArika, let me describe the overall design pattern propounded by saMkhya in my translations here.

saMkhya - Design pattern summary across matter and biological beings

Energy-Momentum relationship which describes a hyperboloid.

Particles which reside on-shell on Linga/EM relationship are real particles


Only real particles evolve.
Catenation that forms hyperboloid structures (Covalent bonds) in atoms.

Atoms that can form long and strong bonds (Covalent) can only sustain signaling, information processing which is consciousness.

Those life-giving molecules. evolve.
Increase in entropy, laghu (more microscopic states, more disorder), prakAsam (radiating, detachment)
Increase in signaling, information processing capability, consciousness, increase in buddhi, increase in detachment/growth (nivrtti)
Change in Enthalpy; Potential and Kinetic energy
Work done (karma), excitation (priti), non-excitation (apriti)
Decrease in entropy, Guru (more order), varanakam (not giving away, darkness)
Decrease in signaling, information processing capability, decrease in consciousness, Ignorance (mUDha), attachment (pravrtti), more order
Dark Matter not perceivable to matter
Catalysts which drive evolution in compounds without being part of the interactions.
Higgs interaction which impedes the motion of particles, gives them mass, allows them to interact with each other and evolve complex matter forms.
Element Carbon, which like Higgs field enabling matter particles to interact an form complex matter forms, allows chemical compounds to form stable long complex chains which result in organic compounds that are needed for life.
Primitive in-organic compounds in which signaling or information processing or consciousness does not exist
Prakrti having darshana of Purusha
Electro-weak symmetry breaking that results in Higgs field becoming perceptible to Quarks, which acquire mass.  Quarks get confined to hadrons, triggering further evolution of matter.
Fusion processes such as Triple-alpha process that produces carbon, thereby making long chains of organic molecules based on carbon a reality.
Matter in which entropy acquires preponderance. For eg. Hadrons (protons, mesons etc that may or may not sustain on their own)
Biological beings (Cells) in which signaling or information processing takes place, which is consciousness/signaling/information processing that may sustain or may not sustain.(For eg all cells including Viruses, parasites)
Matter forms that can sustain independently on their own that arises due to change in enthalpy. For eg. protons, electrons, nucleus, elements, compounds etc
Due to work done on these cells, Information processing (consciousness) ability
that can sustain on their own. For eg. All beings without viruses and parasites
5 Types of Entropy in matter Joint entropy, Conditional Entropy, Mutual information, Relative Entropy and Chain rules
5 Organs of Buddhi, the information processing ability or signaling that rises in chemical compounds
caksu- eye - hadrons symbolize Joint entropy
zrtoram - ears - nucleons symbolize conditional entropy
tvac- skin - compounds symbolize chain rules
rasana - tongue - molecules symbolize mutual information
ghrAna -nose - atoms symbolize relative entropy
5 Types of Work done in matter due to change in enthalpy. Work done due to nuclear binding energy caused by strong force, work done due to atomic/molecular binding energy caused by EM force, work done due to temperature caused by Kinetic energy, work done due to change in pressure and volume and work done due to spacetime curvature (gravitational).
5 Organs of Karma, the work done. upastha- middle-part/creative organ - Change in binding energy due to strong force
pANi - hands - Change in atomic/molecular binding energy due to EM force.
pAyu - excretory organ through which fluids flow - Spatial expansion due to change in Pressure and volume due to Chemical reactions in atoms and molecules
pAda - foot - Physical movement due to spacetime warping/gravitation of objects.
vac - Expression - Change in average kinetic energy or temperature of atoms and molecules.
At-manas - Extremely virtual
Manas- Virtual
Ensemble of particles with five thermodynamic energies
Ananda - Groundstate- zeropoint energy
Vacana - Internal energy U
Viharana - Expanding Energy = Pressure * Volume
adAna - Unavailable Energy = Temperature * Entropy
Utsarga = Gibbs energy
Ensemble of cells with five organ systems
prAna is the Respiratory system equivalent to  internal energy.
apAna is the excretory system equivalent to unavailable energy.
vyAna is the circulatory system equivalent to work done energy
samAna is the digestive system equivalent to available energy.
udAna is the nervous sytem equivalent to zero point energy.
Five measures/functions of the vrtti that leads to the pancha-bhutas out.
Pressure, Volume, Entropy, Temperature, Change in Internal energy
Five measures/functions of the organ system that leads to the processing of panchabhuta
Catabolism, Anabolism, Level of consciousness (information processing), Homeo-stasis and growth of biological cells
Five states of matter. Solid(Bhumi) , Liquid (Jal), Gas (vAyu), Plasma (Agni), Bosonic matter (Akash)
Processing of Five states of matter