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Aditya Hrdayam Agian - Part 49 - Pancha Brahma Rudras - Part 2


There are eleven Rudras (force-fields) that manifest at different points of time, in the four-dimensional expanded spacetime (post cosmic inflation epoch), which is called the 'Brahma'.

The following seven are exactly as in the standard model.
  1. Higgs field
  2. Electro-weak-strong field (an United field of Electroweak and strong force)
  3. Strong force field
  4. Electro-weak force field
  5. Electromagnetic field
  6. Weak force field
  7. Dirac-Fermi field that products matter particles (Quarks, Electrons, Neutrinos)
Apart from these, the following two are definitely talked about in Standard Model, but not as force-fields. I map them as two force-fields that do definitely exist.
  1. Dark Energy field (In quintessence model, it is a scalar field that expands spacetime)
  2. Dark matter (force-field in which particles manifest but do not interact with other matter and hence dark. Also they do not travel at light speeds and hence cold)
Apart from these , I map two force-fields that are not talked about in standard model. They are

  1. A United field of Dark matter and Higgs from which Higgs separated (this is totally my theory based on Vedic events mapping, though there are some models that are being talked about Unifying Dark Matter and Higgs)
  2. A force-field that shortens the Fifth dimension (Brahma’s Head that is cut -off by Rudra) which in my view could be the source of Quantum Entanglement. Such a fifth dimension was proposed by Einstien too. 
Note that Gravity is not a force-field in all of the above. It is only a space-time warping manifestation. Brahma the expanded spacetime post cosmic inflation epoch, getting impacted by force-fields is felt as ‘Gravity’. Hence Brahma is also Gravity.

In this Brahma manifests the Rudras. But Brahma (Gravity) is not a Rudra (force-field) at all.

The Pancha Brahma Rudras

Of these the five rudras that are color coded are the Pancha Brahma Rudras. The Pancha-Brahma mantras are in Taittiriya Aranyaka (X.17-21) of the Krsna Yajurveda. The tenth chapter is called the Mahanarayan Upanishad. Therefore, these mantras can also be said to belong to the Mahanarayana Upanishad.

The five rudras are Sadyojata (Electromagentic, Yellow in color), Vamadeva (Strong Force, Cyan in color), Aghora (Weak force, Magenta in color), Tatpurusa (Electro-weak force, Red in color) and Isana (Electro-weak-strong force, Colorless). These five rudras or force-fields do the five functions in the Universe.

In the last blog, I wrote about SadyojAta, iSAna and Tatpurusa from the pancha brahma mantras and pancha brahma upanishad. Let’s see about Aghora and vAmadeva in this post.

Aghora Rudra - Weak force

Aghora is Nilalohita, the red-blue or purple or magenta, the Weak force.

The Weak force decays all particles of Dirac-Fermi field. It destroys all the matter that is present in the Universe. It is the destroyer.

Ghora is intense, very much, very fierce, terrible, frightening (due to the intensity or being fierce) etc. Since Ghora is intense, dense, it is something that has a shape. 

Aghora is opposite of intense or being fierce. Aghora rudra is the force-fields that decays, destroys whatever is intense/dense, decays it into its components.

The Pancha Brahma Upanishad says
aghoraṃ salilaṃ candraṃ gaurī veda dvitīyakam
nīrdābhaṃ svaraṃ sāndraṃ dakṣiṇāgnirudāhṛtam

Aghora is the Ocean’s (salilam) reddish (gauri) moon (candram) known (veda) to have two inside (divti-akam). Aghoram has the two inside. One is reddish (gauri) moon (candram). Another is the dense (sAndram) water filled (nIr dAbham) blue ocean and is said to be the (udAhrtam) dakSina-agni, the southern fire that destroys everything.

Agni is 'interaction' or 'tranfser of energy'. Hence it is mapped to fire.  Aghora simply is the blue-red destroying/decaying interaction, which is the Weak force.

pañcāśadvarṇasaṃyuktaṃ sthitiricchakriyānvitam
śaktirakṣaṇasaṃyuktaṃ sarvāghaughavināśanam 

Combination of fifty components; destroying all impure (sarva aghaugha vinasanam) states (sthithi) of (anvitam) desired creations (iccha kriya) while preserving (rakSana) the momentum (and energy, zakti samyuktam).

Weak force destroys the states of matter (desired creations) while preserving the momentum/energy. It is a combination of fifty components.

The pancha Brahma mantra for aghora is

aghorebhyo'tha ghorebhyo aghoraghoretarebhyaḥ 
sarvataḥ śarvaḥ sarvebhyo namaste rudra rūpebhyaḥ

Unto the aghora (destroys the intense), then (atha) unto the ghora (intense), unto the aghora-ghora (destroyer of the intense) and beyond, unto the destroying arrow of everything (sarvatha sharva), salutations to the one who is in the form of rudra/force-field.

The Aghora mantra is

Om hreem 
sphura sphura prasphura prasphura (vibrating again and again, vibrating very much again and again) 
ghora ghora (Intense after intense) atara (surpassing into) anuroopa (a shape) 
Chada chada prachada prachada (covers again and again, covers very much again and again) 
Kaha kaha vama vama (expresses again and again, the strong force) 
Bandha bandha (binds again and again) ghAtaya ghAtaya (destroys again and again) 
huum phutt
aghora astrAya Namaha (Salutations to the field of aghora)

Vibrating again and again, very much, with intensity after intensity that crosses into forms that cover again and again, in expressions after expressions bounded by the strong force, the astras of Aghora destroys them again and again.

The astras of Aghora, the weak force field, destroys the expressions that are bounded by the strong force, which vibrating again and again with intensity cross into various forms that cover.

In short, whatever vAma produces Aghora destroys or decays them.

Vamadeva - The strong force

VAma deva is strong force. Vama means that ejects, vomits. vAma is that came from that emission. The strong force vomits/ejects the quarks when it has energy. vAma deva rudra is the strong force field that which emits/ejects.

vAma is left. In writing convention we start with left. Hence what comes first is placed in left. In the Unified Electro-weak-strong force, the first force to separate is Strong force. Hence it is the left-most of the force. Hence vAma is also left.

The pancha brahma mantra for vamadeva is

vāmadevāya namo jyeṣṭhāya namaḥ śreṣṭhāya 
namo rudrāya namaḥ kālāya namaḥ 
kalavikaraṇāya namo balāya namo 
balavikaraṇāya namo balapramathanāya namaḥ 
sarvabhūtadamanāya namo manonmanāya namaḥ 

Salutations to vamadeva; the eldest (jyeshta); the best (sreshta); of the force-field (rudra); who is subjected to kAlA (quantum entanglement); who makes/changes (vikarana) it indistinct (kala); the strength (bala); changes the strength (bala - vikarana), agitates/churns that strength, subduer (damana) of all matter particles (sarva bhuta); exciter (unmana) of the ‘heart’ (mana) of all beings

The strong force-field (vAmadeva) is the Eldest of the Strong-electroweak force-field to be born. Strong force field separates out first and hence jyestha.

It is the best (sreshta) of the force-fields that is the cause of most ‘mass’ of the Universe, as most mass in Universe comes from nucleus of atoms, which is caused by strong force-field.

The particles subject to strong force-field (Quarks) are subjected to force-field that causes Quantum Entanglement (kAla), that plucks out fifth head of brahma, that shortens the fifth dimension. (my theory)

The Quantum entangled particles are indistinct (kala) in their properties. The strong force-field modifies their properties (kala-vikarana)

All matter are made of atoms. All atoms have nucleus. Nucleus has baryons. All baryons are quarks subdued/tamed by strong force-field. Hence all matter (sarva bhuta) are tamed/subdued (damana) by the strong force-field.

Baryons are bound by ‘Residual strong force’ which is mediated by ‘virtual’ (manas) pions. The exciter (unmana) of this ‘manas’ (virtual) is the residual strong force.

Soma and Vamadeva Rudra

vAmadeva Rudra is strong force-field. When strong force-field interacts with quarks of dirac-fermi field it become strong interaction. This is visualized as drinking ‘Soma’. Thus Soma is strong interaction.

vAmadeva, Shambu et al denote Strong force field. Soma denotes Strong interaction. Both are essentially same except that strong interaction indicates that strong force-field interacting with other fields. (Soma being drunk). 

Soma is Agni. Agni is 'interaction'. Soma is Strong interaction. Soma Rudra is strong force-field.

Strong force-Quarks-Gluons

The strong interaction (Soma) is mediated by gluons. The gluons not only mediate the strong interaction (like photons mediate the electromagnetic field), but also take part in the interaction. This interaction happens in this way.

Quarks (of Dirac-Fermi field) are supposed to have three charges. For convenience they are given color names. Red, Blue and Green. The gluons of strong force-field connect the quarks of different colors. Thus gluons are visualized as having 2 color charges. Red-Blue, Red-Green, Red-Red etc. that enables them to connect to quarks of different colors

Standard model postulates ‘eight’ gluons (though nine combinations are possible with 3 colors only eight gluons exist). These eight gluons are the ones that are mediating strong force.

Three quarks of three different colors (Red, Blue, Green) combine and form a color neutral combination. This is a baryon. This baryon can be a proton or neutron dependent of the type of the quark.

The two baryons proton and neutron combine and form the nucleus.

This is captured in the Pancha-brahma upansihad’s description of vAmadeva Rudra.

The pancha-brahma upanishad

sarvaduṣṭapraśamanaṃ sarvaiśvaryaphalapradam
vāmadeva mahābodhadāyakaṃ pāvanātmakam

Pacifying/surpassing (prazamanam) all the ‘dustas’ (sarva dusta), giving (pradam) all the wealth (of matter) (sarva aiswarya) as a result (phala), vAmadeva (strong force field), communicates (dAyakam) the great knowledge (mahA bodha) of purified (pavana) nature (atmakam)

The strong force-field surpasses over all the ‘dusta’, binding the agitating quarks into baryons, causing all the wealth of universe. It communicates great knowledge of purified nature.

Strong force binds the agitating quarks into baryons, and then binds baryons into nucleus. The baryons (valence quarks) are surrounded by a lot of ‘dusta’, the sea-quarks, which are called ‘vrtra’. The strong force is able to surpass all of them and creates wealth of matter for the universe.

It communicates a great knowledge for us. That if we surpass the surrounding difficulties or dustas, we will create wealth.

vidyālokasamāyuktaṃ bhānukoṭisamaprabham
prasannaṃ sāmavedākhyaṃ nānāṣṭakasamanvitam

Equal joining of the ‘learning world’ (the world of quarks that learn the strong force); equals the splendor of crores of nucleus (bhanu); fully endowed (samanvitam) with variety (nAna) of the ‘eight-parted’ (astaka).

Strong force are mediated by gluons. There are three color charges of gluons and eight types of gluons. The world quarks learn the strong force through these eight different types of gluons forming crores of nucleus.
dhīrasvaramadhīnaṃ cāvahanīyamanuttamam
jñānasaṃhārasaṃyuktaṃ śaktidvayasamanvitam

The subservient (adhinam) ca (and) steady (dhira) vibration (svaram) brings up (avahaniya) the best (anuttamam). The wisdom (jnana) of digesting (samhAra) by joining together (samyuktam), fully endows (samanvitam) with two (dvaya) powerful beings (zakti).

The steady strong force vibrations brings up the best possible. The wisdom of digesting, by joining together, endows with two powerful ones. The protons and neutrons are the two powerful ones that come up in the core of nucleus due to the steady strong force -field. They are formed by digesting, by joining together of quarks.
varṇaṃ śuklaṃ tamomiśraṃ pūrṇabodhakaraṃ svayam
dhāmatrayaniyantāraṃ dhāmatrayasamanvitam

White colored, blended with tamas (opposite of sattva, rajas), in itself is the complete awakener. Restrained in the three abodes, fully endowed with such three abodes restrained ones.

The two powerful ones (proton and neutron) are formed when strong force-field gets restrained in three abodes (three quarks). Such three abodes matter (protons and neutrons) fill up the nucleus. 

The two powerful ones (proton and neutron) are white colored or do not possess any color (neutral charged). 

sarvasaubhāgyadaṃ nṝṇāṃ sarvakarmaphalapradam

(Strong force-field/vAmadeva) gives (dam) all wealth (sarva saubhAgya) of real particles (nRnam) (which are) (as a) result of all its actions (sarva karma phala pradam); Eight indivisible aksaras join together; eight leaves are situated internally.

aksaras are basic unit of oscillations, syllables. Here the basic 'syllable' or 'unit of oscillation' for strong force are the eight gluons that mediate the strong-force-field.

The wealth of real particles available in the Universe is given by vAmadeva rudra or strong force-field as a result of its actions (on other fields). Eight indivisible aksaras, eight leaves situated internally mediate the joining of these particles.

Thus vAmadeva in Pancha Brahma Upanishad explains the strong force field.

Let's discuss the directions of these rudras in the next post..