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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 34 - Vrsakapi in Vishnu SahasraNama


Vrsakapi - A Rudra

Vrsa means masculinity. Kapi mean who/which that flows/moves/hops/jumps etc.. Ka (who/which) pi (flows/hops/moves/jumps).  From whom/which flows masculinity is Vrsakapi or which flows/hops/jumps masculinely is Vrsakapi.

Vrsakapi is traditionally interpreted as Male Ape or Male Monkey (which hops/jumps). Hanuman has been linked to Vrsakapi of Vedas in the later year texts.

Vrsakapi is a Rudra in Vedas. Hence Hanuman as Vrsakapi is seen as  ‘Maha-Rudra’. Rudras are the force-fields present in the Universe. Eleven Rudras are eleven force-fields.

Vrsakapi is the residual strong force field that flows through the baryons, binding them into nucleons to facilitate the dawn of the Universe.  This binding force causes a mass defect in the net mass of the nucleons after the binding. The mass defect is said to be the binding energy that was consumed to bind the nucleons.

When Vrsakapi moves out of nucleons (that are positive charged) as Electro-magnetic force it binds the negatively charged electrons. There again there is a mass defect, but it is very small. Hence the binding energy present in electron binding with nucleon is smaller than a nucleon-nucleon binding.

Hence Vrsakapi force-fields are said to hurt Indra or baryons at one time and is said to be born from Indra (Indra-ja) at another time.

Masculinity and Feminity

Masculinity is one which does not undergo change itself, but causes change in something else. Force-fields are masculine. Catalysts are masculine. Purusha or Dark Matter is masculine.

Feminity is one which undergoes changes influenced by the Masculinity. ‘Rest-Mass’ or mAyA is feminine.  Prakrti or matter that evolves is feminine.

In the world of chemical reactions, Vasu the nucleus of atom is masculine as it does not undergo changes. Indrani or electronic cloud of atoms is feminine, as it undergoes changes.

The residual force-field flows out of the baryons and binds the baryons into nucleons by flowing between them. The force-field is like sperm that flows out of baryons or between the baryons.

The electro-magnetic force field binds nucleons and electrons into atom by flowing between them.  The force-field is like sperm that flows out of nucleons or between protons and electrons.

Since Kapi is from which flows,  ‘Kaprth’ is said to be ‘Membrum virile’ or ‘Penis’ (through which it flows).  Indra (or Baryons) is also called ‘Kaprth’.

Vrsakapi is mentioned in Vishnu Sahasranama as well.

Vrsakapi - Vishnu Sahasranama

Vishnu Sahasranama is traditionally interpreted as ‘names’ of vishnu in every word. But I do not translate it as such.  I translate them as any other sloka with clear meanings in every verse.


The unborn (aja) lord of all (easwara) accomplished (siddhah) accomplishment (siddhir) at the very beginning (sarva adi) that never decays (acyuta).  The residual force field or the EM force-field (Vrsakapi) the  immeasurable/immense soul (ameya atma) of/in all unions  (sarva yoga) spring forth (vinihsrta)

The unborn lord of all accomplished an accomplishment at the very beginning that never decays. The vrsakapi the immeasurable/immense soul of all unions springs forth.

The unborn lord of all accomplished an accomplishment at the very beginning that never decays.  All unions spring forth from Vrshakapi of the immeasurable Atma.

The immense Atma, unborn lord of all, accomplishes an accomplishment at the very beginning, which is the Vrsakapi (a Rudra), the residual force-field or the Electro-magnetic force-field, brings forth all the unions in the Universe.


In vasu,  the eternal ‘Manas’ of the Vasu (Vasu Manah), is exactly (no more or no less) equal (sammita samah)  with(sam) Atma (Atma).   The successful (amoghah) eye (akSa) of the  white lotus/that flowers out/the atom with its electronic cloud petals around (pundarika) performs masculinely (vrsa krti) masculine actions (vrsa karma).

Vrsakapi of the Atma (Supreme Soul) leads to Union (Yoga) of nucleons and atoms. From these Unions form the Vasu, the nucleus of atoms and atoms themselves.

Vasu is the Atomic nucleus (or the Protium atom that has only the baryons), as we saw in the Vrsakapi sloka.  In this vasu, the ‘Manas’ of the Vasu are exactly equal with the Atma. 

The Atma thus takes ‘re-birth’ in the Vasu, as the ‘Manas’ of the Vasu. Hence Atma or Vishnu is called Punar-vasu.

Since baryons are Indra, nucleus is vasu and baryons make the nucleus, Indra is called Vasava. 

In that Vasu, the Atma is born as the Manas of the Vasu, that Atma or Vishnu or the Supreme Soul is called ‘vAsu’, which means the ‘present in the ‘Vasu’ or derived from vasu’.

Since Indra are baryons and Atma is re-born in the Vasu or nucleus made of baryons, Atma/Vishnu is also called Upa-Indra (Upendra), the one who is next to Indra or add-on to Indra.

Pundarika is an atom with Vasu in the Center and shells of electronic clouds around that looks like a blossomed lotus flower. The eye of that Pundarika is the Vasu with its Manas, where that Manas is that Atma or Vishnu.

Atma is the successful 'eye 'of the Vasu that flowered and it performs masculine actions masculinely.

The multi-headed/multi-faceted (bahu Sira) force-fields (rudra) along brow-shaped or curved or curvature (babhrur) at the origin place of Universe (visva yonih) are clearly heard(zuci zravah) or flow ‘white’, flow in all wavelengths (zuci zravas). Immortal (amrtah) permanent (sAsvata) placed (sthanur) rides (vararaho) on the great heat (maha tapah). Immortal (amrtah) permanent (sAsvata) placed (sthanur) afflicts greatly (mahAtapAha) on what it rides (varArAho).

The mutli-headed/multi-faceted force-fields (rudra) flow along the curvature at the origins of the Universe.  They are immortally, permanently placed and greatly afflict what they ride.

All pervading (sarvaga), All knowing (sarva-vid), illuminating/radiating visible atom (bhanu)  troops of  Universe (visvakseno), the ruler of these particles/compounds (janardhana). The knower (veda vid) of complete knowledge (veda avyango), the wise/specialist knower (vedavit kavi) of part-knowledge (veda ango)

The ruler of  the troops of all pervading, all knowing, illuminating/radiating/visible atomic elements (Bhanur) is the knower of all things known, the wise/specialist in specific things to be known.

Who is the Knower of all, specialist and ruler of all the troops of atoms in this Universe..?

Vishnu Sahasra Nama explains it further...